meTIME Baby Massage Therapy

Next Course commencing - WEDNESDAY 26 TH FEBRUARY 2020


Pre-booking is highly recommended to secure your place on the 6 week course -

 Contact MEL TO BOOK your place .

Does your baby suffer from Colic and constipation?

Do you have PND ? Why not try out meTIME Baby Massage Therapy.

Classes are run by a fully qualified massage therapist/pregnancy/aroma therapist and baby massage instructor with CRB check and first aid qualified . 

A great place to bond with your baby in a relaxing environment whilst gaining knowledge & learning the techniques to massage your little one with confidence.

This is a floor based learning activity  with 4-8 babies attending .

You will also receive an information pack, hand outs every week and a certificate on completion of course. FREE meTIME products handmade for you massage oil for Babies , gift bag with goodies for attending the class.

The techniques you will learn through the 6 week course are so beneficial to you & your child as well as building the bond between mother & child you are also socializing in the class. Making new friends in a warm, secure & friendly environment.

Preparation for massage checklist for parent

Before a massage please find an area that you feel comfortable in your home. Remove pets from the room.

The area need to be clear and find a comfortable space which is not too stimulating with natural lighting.

Temperature of the room should be comfortable, not too cold to undress your baby.

Noise should be kept to a minimal as this could be a distraction.

Calming music can be played if you or baby wants.

Ensure your baby has been fed  30 / 40 minutes before or after a massage

Parents ensure your nails are short to prevent scratching your baby

Take off any jew that may injure your baby 

Have a changing mat to hand

Scratch mitt` s

Two towels

A pillow for you to sit on

Spare nappy

Comforter toy to help calm

Items provided by the teacher:

Calming music


Practice doll

Organic oils as medium

Consultation sheets

I highly recommend for dads, grandparents ,siblings to attend this fabulous experience as its a great way to bond with your little one and helps them feel more involved .

Please inform the instructor if they would like to attend and who so we can prepare them a space in class .



Reduces tension and helps sleep patterns also aids self calm dealing with stress in later life

Stimulates the baby’s circulation

Strengthens the baby’s immune system

Aids relaxation

Improves sensory awareness with tactile sensation

Body awareness and self esteem

muscle development

Gives a sense of security and comfort

Helps colic, provides natural pain relief

Encourages co-ordination/fine and gross motor skills

encourages circulation 

Stimulates the relationship between baby and parent

Helps baby to develop first language

Encourages flexibility

social skills


Helps parents feel more in control

Deepens and strengthens the relationship between baby and parents by bonding and attachments.

Helps parents to read baby’s cues/non verbal signs

Can help to start a routine 

Can help reduce stress

Builds mutual respect between you and your baby .

Provides special time for you & baby

Helps parents to become more confident & competent in handling your baby at home.

social experience .

maybe friends for life .

and much  more ........