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Baby Massage

Baby Massage Courses

meTIME baby massage 6 week course

Taught by a fully qualified massage therapist with vast knowledge of the human body .

 Enjoy  bonding and a social experience with your baby whilst learning safe massage techniques in a relaxing and friendly environment .Finishing the course feeling a deeper connection with your little ones and a certificate of attendance and lots more information and knowledge to continue at home. 

Chose from

6 week course -1 hours x6 min 4- Max 8 babies

1 to 1 to your house -1hour 30mins

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

This treatment is just for you mummies out there, as a mum myself I've been there and understand the ups and downs to being pregnant, it’s a magical experience & an exciting time for both mother and baby.

Chose from (Both include a bump massage)

  • pregnancy full body -1hr 15 mins
  • Pregnancy back, neck and shoulders- 45 mins

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

An ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. This draws up any toxins damage muscle tissue /lactic acid to the surface and allows fresh oxygen and blood flow to repair ,ideal for muscular tension, trapped nerves, sciatica & injuries to the muscles ,also improving blood flow and enhancing a greater sense of well-being . Lots more benefits to be had .

This is a targeted treatment - 50 mins 



This very relaxing yet interesting treatment works on your mind body and spirit .

Your feet are a mirror to your body ,by working on the reflex points in the feet, you open up energy points and reduce inflammation and build up in inter natal organs by dispersing into the circulation .

Re-balancing your body 

This treatment had been around for centuries 

Our feet are amazing and they carry us everywhere , you and your feet deserve a little meTIME.

1st appointment- 1 hour 15 mins

Then after - 45 mins

Includes a consultation 

Head/Scalp Massage

Head/Scalp Massage

This treatment Reduces physical and mental tension stored in endocrine system head and scalp, Releasing pressure and increasing mental clarity and energy levels, Synergy of 100% essential oils are blended to help ease the mind and body 

30 mins  (includes a consultation )

Trigger Point

Trigger Point

Trigger points are tiny knots that develop in a muscle when it is injured , stressed , tense or overworked over time.  Ideal for sciatica, upper back issues, lower back issues. With pressure applied the knots can be broken down and dispersed aiding the body to repair its self, "Sometimes we have pain in one area and it could be coming from somewhere else " 

This is a targeted treatment and is Incorporated in the Swedish deep tissue massage but can also be done on its own over the clothes .

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

A deep manipulation of your muscle tissue releasing stressing and strains held in  your muscles , ideal for athletes, stress, tension ,poor posture,poor circulation , shoulder problems ,head and neck tension ,lower back issues ,tired legs 

Trigger point therapy is also used in this treatment to release blockages in your muscle tissue. increasing your blood flow and awareness of the body .

Chose from-

Full body massage - 55 mins

Back neck and shoulder massage- 45 mins 

All include a full consultation and body assessment .


Hot Stone Therapy

A deep relaxing and soothing experience using hot basalt stones helps to relax the body, mind and spirit. The massage techniques combined with the heat retained from the stones ensures a sensation of warmth, comfort and induces deep relaxation within the muscles , cryotherapy can be added into your treatment.



Full Body/Back, Neck & Shoulder/Head & Scalp -  These treatment are tailored to you using 100% blended  essential oils. Aromatherapy works mentally and physically through massage it's very beneficial for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and muscular aches and pains.


Kinetic Chain Release

This treatment is a clothed treatment . Working on bringing back balance to the body , by gentle manipulation using the KCR procedure ,this treatment can increase energy levels alleviating painful areas such as hip knee problems, lower back, neck tension postural issues, and much more .


Facial Massage

A relaxing facial for with a choice of hand picked products such as  Arbonne RE9 products or Tropic leaving your skin feeling fresh, plump and muscles feeling relaxed or add a Mini Facial to any of the above treatments.